Tuesday, March 13

Self-Care as a Preventative Health Alternative

ETL has applied to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services; Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion; National Health Observance Calendar for Self-Care to be recognized on the National Health Observance Calendar. We are asking that the month of September be recognized as September as Self-Care Awareness Month for the following reasons.

Self-care is a preventative health-care solution. It’s one solution, which is becoming more prominent in our society as evident by all of the social media platforms and ongoing conversations among celebrities, medical professionals, athletes and house-holders alike.

Virtually everyone from parents to caregivers and most people in between can benefit from understanding that neglecting to take personal responsibility for one’s own well-being; physically, emotionally, mentally, as well as spiritually, can masquerade as a myriad of different illnesses, which can be eased with education and practicing self-care techniques.

Our informal research shows that most people think of self-care as getting a massage or manicure, but it is so much more than that. It’s a lifestyle change. It’s becoming an advocate for, and investing in oneself as much as they invest in others. Along with communicating clearly, saying no, and setting boundaries with our time, just to name a few.

While our main focus at ETL is education of the many health benefits that practicing self-care has to offer, we’ve expanded our vision to include physicians, health care providers and legislation, in hopes of encouraging more insurers to pay for treatments.

Monday, January 22


Isn't she beautiful!!!

At the Riverbend Retreat Center in Sahuarita, AZ, a Fire Ceremony was held for the intentions of a cancer healing. Although many miles away, (I'm currently on the west coast), when I was told of it, instantly the ocean beckoned to take part. 

I was honored to have been the receiver of the message, acknowledged the request and went to the beach with an expanded intention of the Fire Ceremony... healing for all. (Including YOU!)

In the early morning hours, (when the angels walk), I sat in my room before leaving with my daughter and puppy. (Dogs hold healing energy, not only do they transmute negative energy into positive, they remind us to remain loyal to ourselves.)

It was a beautiful morning, the sun was shining, and as my friend Big John would have said, "It's a premium day!" and it was! We walked, sat, watched, and listened in silence, holding sacred space for the ceremony that was to come later in the day.

A feather, (spiritual evolution, communication with spirit), shell (brings to us the desires of our heart) and seaweed (goddess energy connecting us with our subconscious), all became part of the support. I held each item gently in my hand as we walked back along the water line... and there she was! A beautiful purple STARFISH! Not only were we surprised to see her, we were equally surprised that she was alive. I have traveled to many different beaches in the world and I have never seen a starfish just lying on the sand.

My daughter scooped her up with a handful of sand to protect her and for just a small bit, we all exchanged a sacred knowing, an honoring... a sharing of intimate space and gratitude before we gently placed her back in the water.

I am absolutely convinced that she was there waiting for us... waiting to be a part of the healing ceremony. While literally hundreds of miles away... we are all still connected. This was not a beach that we would normally frequent so why had we chosen to go there this morning? To meet our little spirit friend! And I know, deep within, without a doubt, this starfish there as a gift for us all. 

In animal medicine starfish have to rely on their intuition and instincts for survival as they have no brain. Starfish reminds us to get out of our heads and into our hearts and to trust what we know and feel... in all areas of our lives. Starfish invites us to let go of seeing the world in black and white and embrace the gray in between.

But one of their most unique features is that starfish can regenerate and regrow. If they loose an arm, they simply make a new one. They can even regenerate a whole new body. What a powerful mirror for us. We too have the power within us for our own healing, whether physically or emotionally. We can regenerate new cells, implement new ways of thinking, and seek healing modalities outside the box of what is considered normal.

The gifts that the starfish left for me personally was one of splendor and awe. Here we are... many hours after the encounter and the fire ceremony and I'm still left in the afterglow of this enchanting encounter. I count myself really lucky to have had this experience with my daughter, puppy, the fire ceremony participants and all we set healing intentions for. (You!) 

Monday, January 8

A Golden... Not to be missed...Opportunity!

Already slipped up on your New Year's Resolution? No worries! 2018 provides us with a second, even better chance, and it's coming right up. A potent window of time occurs in the next few days, one that provides a powerful imprint on the coming months. It's an incredible opportunity to focus on the specifics of what we want to materialize this year. 

A Mars-Jupiter alignment in Scorpio gives surges of energy and slings our intent forward, while strongly supporting a Sun-Venus-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn, which is every bit as scary as it sounds. 

No withering or dithering now! Be clear what you want, and set in motion the process that will make it so. Grab the reins of your own destiny with this powerful configuration which peaks on Monday and Tuesday, January 8-9. A not-to-be-missed opportunity, so make it matter. 

A reprint from my good friend, Linea Van Horn, Astrologer at Large. Contact her at 415.418.9677